Why Do Disposable Vapes Taste And Hit Better?

In the last two years, the disposable vape market has set its mark on the vaping industry and has taken off with some style. Disposable vape devices such as the Veiik Squad and Puff Bar are very popular because of the way they taste and hit.

So why do some report that disposable vapes taste and hit better than the standard vape pens or e-liquid in a vape tank?

Reasons For Disposables Tasting Better

There could be a few reasons why some vapers feel that a disposable vape pen tastes better than a refillable device. This could be due to the cotton wick in disposable vapes being completely saturated in e-liquid for months before purchase. Furthermore, disposable vapes are designed for one e-liquid flavour only, thus eliminating variability.

Most disposable vapes are made and pre-filled in China. Chinese manufacturing companies have perfected their flavour concentrates specifically for disposables and high vape coil resistances. The resistance of the vape coils used in disposables can significantly impact the taste of the e-liquid. Furthermore, using one resistance only in a device also eliminates variability.

Reasons For Better Hit with Disposables

All disposable vapes on the market today use nicotine salt e-liquid. Nicotine salts give you a smooth throat hit at higher nicotine concentrations such as 20mg and 10mg nicotine strength.

The nicotine salt in disposable vapes contains benzoic acid, which lowers the liquid’s PH level, allowing the nicotine to enter the bloodstream much more quickly than regular vape juice, resulting in an instant nicotine hit to satisfy those cravings.

The disposable vapes on the market today use a coil resistance of around 1.2 ohms, which is the perfect resistance for smooth and better nicotine hit with nicotine salt e-liquids.

More about Disposable Vapes

We have given a few reasons why a disposable e-cig may taste and hit better. However, this can sometimes be subjective, and vapers may find that the suitable refillable device, with the ideal resistance and e-liquid, gives a better vape experience.


Disposable vapes are a great alternative to other tobacco or nicotine products, they provide you with an instant nicotine hit, they are easy to maintain, small, compact and are available in a wide range of e-liquid flavours.

The vape juice present in disposable vapes is nicotine salts, which provide you with a smooth throat hit at higher nicotine concentrations resulting in a better vaping experience. For more information on the health implications of disposables, check out our recent article on whether refillable vapes are safer than disposable vapes.


At some point, you may experience a burnt taste when you start vaping disposables. This can be due to chain vaping, resulting in burnt hits as the cotton wick is not completely saturated with e-liquid. If your vape begins to taste burnt, then leave for a few minutes to allow the vape juice to soak the dry cotton.

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